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A Blue sky symbolises hope and light from dark clouds.

lynette woodberg registered counselor
Lynette Woodberg

Lynette Woodberg

is an HPCSA Registered Counsellor; passionate about counselling and helping clients to reach their full potential, despite life challenges. 

Her services include: Counselling, Workshops, Psycho-Education & Trauma Debriefing.



Individual, group and online counselling. 

Psycho Educational Workshops

Design & Implement preventative and developmental programmes that is appropriate for the client or organisational need.

Motivational Interventions

Providing Motivational Talks or Learning Interventions for groups based on a specific focus area.

Trauma Debriefing

Trauma debriefing is a process whereby a Counsellor addresses victims who have been exposed to some form of trauma.

Subject Specific Talks

This type of intervention will be based on the client’s specific need.

Has the blue sky of your life been tarnished by dark clouds?

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