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About Me Lynette Woodberg

Throughout my Human Resources career, I always loved listening to people and allowing them the space to share their problems, concerns, dreams and challenges.  Counselling people came naturally to me.  I volunteered to do Lay Counselling which further confirmed this Calling upon my life.

My psychology career started in 1998 when I completed the Counselling in Corporate Certificate with LifeLine.  In 2001, I completed a Higher Certificate in Counselling at SACAP.  Changes in my working environment created an opportunity to shift into part time Undergraduate, then Academic Honours before switching to full time study where I completed the BA Honours Psychology (Equivalent).  This resulted in me becoming a fully qualified HPCSA Registered Counsellor.

The years spent in corporate was a necessary pre-requisite for the important Counselling Career that I am honoured to be entering into.  I have witnessed so much mental illness resulting in a range of illnesses i.e. anxiety, depression, employee stress and burnout.   I have found that many people are in a career that is not satisfying them, leading to disillusionment & illness. 

I have felt the reality of this and truly understand and will endeavour to help my clients to find their true passion, their calling in life, in the way that I did.  Often clients are facing a mid-life crises or early retirement and have no idea how to manage the changes they face.

My counselling experience allowed me to work with clients and their families facing incurable diseases.  Even when a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness, the families are left to deal with the crises on their own.  My desire is to make a difference and support the loved ones during this difficult time.

Grief and Loss as well as End of Life Counselling are areas that I have been exposed to on numerous occasions.  To be able to work alongside a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best and most comfortable intimate space for the client and their loved ones as they prepare for their homeward journey, is a privilege and an honour, one that I take with great reverence.

*My counselling experience is not limited to the examples shared above*

Has the blue sky of your life been tarnished by dark clouds?

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