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The 05h00 alarm buzzes – we hit the snooze button.

05h10 alarm buzzes– urggg hit the snooze button again.

Isn’t this just typical of the first day back at work after an enjoyable festive or holiday season?

Our bodies are used to sleeping in, having leisure mornings and late nights, not forgetting the afternoon slumber.  

For some, the holidays have been too short, for others: too long and yet there are those that have not had a break at all.  Some jokingly agree that they need a few days to recuperate after their annual leave.

So we can agree …. Getting back into a work routine can be quite a challenge !

So how do we manage ourselves ahead of going back to work?

How do we prepare our kids who are going back to school?

How do we keep the peace in the home and avoid conflict with our family members?

I have thought about some useful yet straightforward tips that helped me to get back into the swing of things quickly.

**These useful tips are suggestions that can be considered**

  • Planning ahead of the first day back in the office is a useful mechanism to help ease any anxiety.
  • Checking emails before your first day back may ease pressure but could also have an opposite affect; Be cautioned.
  • Revisiting your last to do list/App so that any unfinished tasks can be dealt with and prioritised quickly.
  • Taking a physical walk or breakaway from the office during the lunch time period.
  • Booking your lunch time as “out of office” in your diary.
  • Taking time to genuinely connect with colleagues.
  • Personalising your work space with a favourite holiday pic or one with your loved ones.
  • Planning and booking your next holiday trip.
  • Address any feelings of dread being experienced as you think about returning to work.
  • Finding the root cause of that feeling and putting an action plan in place to address it.

Some questions to think about?

  • Are you prone to stress and burnout? Then set aside time to do something that you enjoy, to alleviate the stress.
  • Do you lack clarity in your career? Start the process of doing your research and if need be, obtain the necessary assistance from a qualified professional.
  • Do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts one upon the other until it spirals out of control resulting in a panic attack?
  • If  you challenged with a negative mindset, consider journalising your thoughts and feelings with regards to the causes.
  • If there are any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, take the time to book an appointment with a professional medical practitioner in order to deal with those concerns.

Parents with school going children:

  • Getting back into routine a few days before school starts is always a winner.
  • Enable your child to be involved in preparation for school, e.g. cleaning their shoes or covering books; this creates an opportunity for your child to take ownership and responsibility.
  • Limiting time spent online: Social Media, YouTube, Gaming etc; Be aware that for some children this could result in resistance and behavioural issues.
  • Encouraging earlier nights and maximum rest.
  • Spending quality time with your child and encouraging family time out to talk in a “no device” zone.

*The above is based on my personal experience and it is what worked for me*

*This blog is written to encourage engagement so please feel free to write to me at info@lynettewoodberg.com with any comments or thoughts on the topic*