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You can set goals in life, have a plan of action with details, do all the necessary preparation, the excitement can be tangible, but then…..

Out of absolutely nowhere….. something challenging happens that derails your plans and you come away feeling like “the wind has knocked the air from your sails”

What are your first thoughts after an incident or change in your circumstances?

Why me? 

Why now?  

What did I do to deserve this?  

Aren’t we just being human by wanting to know why things happen the way they do?

Do we accept quickly and move on?  Or

Do we wallow in our misery of disappointment and self pity?  

Would we, be fully in our rights to take the time, we need to deal with whatever has happened (big or small), without receiving judgement?

How do we see these challenges in everyday life?

Are they seen as stepping stones to a positive outcome or and irritating diversion that causes us to go off track?

“Change is the one constant in our daily lives”.  As clichéd as what this may be… 

The way we deal with change, however small, is what matters most.

Psychology Today mentions a few tips that may help when facing changes

  • Keeping a regular schedule amidst the change.
  • Eating healthily and exercising.
  • Writing down/Journaling the positives that have come from the change.
  • Become Proactive.
  • Vent with a trusted partner, friend or support group (don’t overdo it).
  • Stay off social media (for as long as you need to).
  • Taking a break; a well needed rest.
  • Getting help when you feel that things are not improving.

  • *Praying without ceasing* (Added by author). 

(These are relevant even with smaller changes in daily circumstances)

“Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. It doesn’t go the way we planned. All that matters is how we handle it and the person we become on the other side.”  ~ Karina Halle