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Truama Debriefing

Trauma Debriefing is a process by which a counsellor addresses a victim that has been exposed to some form of trauma.   In doing so, the client can share how they feel and talk about the experience. The counsellor will then provide helpful information on how to deal with the trauma after the event.  The counsellor aims to bring encouragement which can lead to acceptance and understanding as well as to restore some form of control for the victim.  The goal of trauma counselling is for the victims to be strengthened, to feel empowered again and to become a victor or survivor post the traumatic experience.

The process consists of an immediate “on the scene” debriefing, as soon as possible after the incident.  This is followed by a 2nd counselling session within 48 hours, to prepare victims for the physical and emotional symptoms they may experience.  Formal debriefing for small groups will be done within 72 – 90 hours to allow for discussion, normalizing symptoms and helping to assist the victim to develop a support structure.  A further follow up can be done 2 weeks later and then again 1 month later.  

Any victims who require 1-1 counselling will have these sessions set up for them with the approval of the organisation’s contact person / Employee Wellness Company.

*The above process is an example only. This can be adjusted to the client’s specific need*

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